How does the 3-Pack Pass work?

1st choose a start time. Each booking is for 3 shuttles starting at the time you choose on the calendar below. Click on a time to book it.

Once you’ve reserved your shuttle, plan on meeting at the Lost Lake Trailhead Day Use Lot (Labeled Clayton Beach Trailhead on Chuckanut Ridge trail map) at that time. Look for the Intrinsic Flow sandwhichboard sign at the lot.

During the 3 hour period following, you will have time for up to 3 shuttles from the Lost Lake Lot (bottom of Double Down Trail) to the Cyrus Gates Overlook (Top of Creator Rd, near the top Double Black Trail.)

Note: The shuttle runs at set times and does not wait for riders that are late. If you miss the 1st shuttle, you can still take the 2nd or the third in that period. Time between drop-off at the top and pick-up at the bottom is about 30 minutes. You will have this long to make it down to the pick up spot. An intermediate level rider usually makes it down in 15 to 20.

3 shuttles take just under 3 hours including shuttle up and ride down.

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